How to Sew a Felt Badge – things you will need.

Hello crafty ones!

I have been working on some great templates for you to sew your own badges with felt. This project is fiddly in places and you will need a nice sharp pair of scissors, so I recommend it for ages 8 and up. ( Be sure to keep your sewing supplies carefully stashed away from little brothers and sisters!)

You will need these things…things needed for felt badges

You will also need the template sheet…

There are stacks of templates for you to check out, some go together so you can layer up different colours of felt to make a picture. But you can use them however you like. ( You could even use them on things other than felt, like card or crafting foam…)

Tomorrow I will show you how to make the spider badge. See if you can find the templates you will need on the sheet. I will also show you how to start and finish sewing so that all your fantastic stitches stay in.

Catch you later peeps!

You can find the post with the project right HERE.


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