How to Sew a Felt Badge – Spider Project

Well hello again! Ready to start your project? Awesome, let’s go!

Click HERE for my last post showing all the things you need and here to get the pdf template sheet.

Cut out the paper templates that you want to use. In this case the spider body and head. Draw around them onto the felt colour you want to use and carefully cut them out. If you havn’t got embroidery scissors ask if there are any nail scissors you can use.

You will also need the small circle template to cut out 2 felt circles. One for the back and one for the front.

IMG_20160218_113309When you have these 4 pieces cut out ready to go you have 2 choices. You can stick the body and head down with pva or fabric glue or sew them on. It is up to you.

A most excellent tip – Use the same or very similar colour thread to the felt that you are sewing on. It helps your stitches blend in and look much neater. Unless you are sewing spider legs of course, you want those to stand out!


In the video below I show you how to start sewing and how to do the stitches to make the legs.

In this next video I show you how to sew on the badge pin and how to finish off sewing so all your hard work stays together.

I hope that I explained how to do each bit properly so you can try this for yourself!

spider mushroom badge

If you do have any problems or need a little more info then please do send me a message or an email. Next week I will be showing you a different badge design from the template sheet and how to layer up the felt. Pretty exciting stuff!

Also my spider looks quite unusual don’t you think? I would love to see how yours turn out!

Moss and Toad are now on facebook so you can share your fantastic creations on there.

Happy sewing!




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