Make a Needle Book


Um yes I know more mushrooms! But you can use ANY of the shapes from the template sheet!

To make the outside pages of your felt needle book cut 2 circles – using the large circle template. Any colour you like.

Choose which templates you would like to use as a decoration. Maybe the U.F.O?!

Remember to draw around your templates and cut the felt carefully.


To sew the running stitch start off in the usual way (teeny stitches remember), and then pass your needle in and out of the felt all around the circle. Until you end up back where you started from.


To make the inside pages cut 2 more felt circles using the large circle template. Hold them all together in a felt sandwich!

Where the needle is laying is where you will stitch.

Stitch through all 4 layers of the felt about where my needle is laying in the above picture. I also then did some more smaller stitches that you can see below, these are only for decoration. Maybe you could do some different stitches here? Zigzags, crosses…

Now go ahead and pop in your needles, if you keep them here they will not end up sticking in any ones feet!

Well done if you have completed this project! Awesome!



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