Make Your Own Squidgy Robot Head

For this weeks project I am showing you how to sew this squidgy Robot Head! Of course you could also use the templates to make a fab-tastic robot head collage with all kinds of paper, card, foil,bubble wrap, fabric…

To get the template click HERE.

Mini tip – If you want to add to your sewing box lots of colours of thread but havn’t got lots of pennies try checking on ebay for bundles. I found some with 50 different coloured threads for a very reasonable price.

The pictures above are just so you can see close up how to sew the layers together. I have uses 2 strands of embroidery thread at a time for this project. Start and end sewing with tiny stitches – check here for a reminder.

robothead1First you need to cut out all your pattern pieces, this will take some patience so I would take a well earned break after doing this!

Once you are ready to start sewing collect all of the goggle and eye pieces.

  • Sew the white felt circles onto the goggles.
  • Now sew the eyelids on top.


  • Next, the eyeballs!


  • If you are using the extra middle panel across the face then sew the goggles onto this panel. ( If not, sew goggles straight onto the head.)
  • If using panel – sew it onto the head.


  • Add the button onto top  of head.


To make the mouth.

  • Sew the teeth onto the lips. ( There are 2 choices on the template page.)
  • Next, sew the lips onto the head.


Wow, that’s allot of sewing! Just one more step left.

  • Sew the face you have made onto the other head shape. Sew around all edges but remember to leave a bit open so you can stuff it.
  • Once stuffed finish sewing.


Yipee! You’ve made it, well done!

Now you have a super robot head squishy to call your own.

Check back again soon for more projects and colouring pages.


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