They’re so FLUFFY!

Mossandtoad went traveling this week and visited our lovely family. Here we got some snacks – woohoo – and also learned how to make woolly dollys! They are really easy to make and our kiddies had at least an hour of creative imaginative play time.

Things you will need :

  • Wool
  • Scissors
  • Stiff Cardboard – re-cycle from boxes, packaging, old book covers.
  • Fabric Scraps

The first thing to do is to cut a rectangle out of card, we used some long rectangles and some short rectangles. Choose which colour wool you want your creature to be and start winding it around and around and around and around and around…

You get the idea, there is a lot of winding!

If you feel like having 2 or more colours that is easy too. Just stop winding, cut the wool and tie on a new colour.


When your wound up wool is nice and fat, trim the wool and put carefully to one side while you cut 6 lengths of wool a little longer than your hand.

There are only 5 in the picture… but you need 6!

Next, grab a firm hold of your wound up wool and pull it off the cardboard.


Now take your wool pieces one at a time and tie them on to the bundle.

On this crazy chap an extra piece of wool has been tied to make the waist.

To make the arms and legs you pinch a bit of your woolly bundle and gently pull it out.

Once you have tied the hair, arms and legs you can trim the ends to make it FLUFFY.

Now all you need to do is make some cool outfits! Like a cape…












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