Magic Patterns with Beads and Glue

A fun way to use seed, and other small beads.

Things you will need

  • PVA Glue
  • Card – sturdy
  • Beads
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors

With a little patience and plenty of drying time you can make magical mini artworks or pendants. These could be mermaid or elf treasure – or use golds and bronzes to make pirate treasure? Or even some spooky alien artifacts.

Cut out a shape you like – heart, teardrop, diamond…

If you would like to use it as a pendant you will need to punch a hole with a hole punch somewhere on your shape. Make sure this hole is left clear of beads and glue.beadheartdrop


Use the glue to make shapes onto the card, I fond it easier to focus on one colour at a time. To make the patterns a little more textured and sculptural I have used slightly larger beads and built up extra layers of seed beads.beadteardrop2

Try not to move your finished beady master piece until it is dry as the gluey bead mess may slide off… this didn’t happen to me… cough…honest…cough.

It will definitely need an overnight drying session and then crack on with the other side. When both sides are complete it feels really lovely. For a more durable finish you could varnish – as long as you are sure it is completely dry.

Thank you for visiting mossandtoad!


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